One thing to remember or understand is that a view camera is not so easy to discover the image in. With an SLR you can put the camera to your eye and look around at things to find interesting framing and composing, you can easily make focus and framing decisions with your finger on the button. A view camera will drive you nuts if you try to use it like that. You will be bent over trying to see right side up and straining and stressing your eyes to see focus and alignments. With a view camera you need to do as much seeing and thinking and deciding as you can without even looking through the camera. It is perhaps helpful to have a card with a 4x5 inch hole cut out in the middle to look at the picture through. You might spend a minute to figure out how far to hold the card away from your face to match the view of the lens. When you find a picture you want to try to make then decide where the tripod should be and how high the camera should be and put it there. Then level it up and put it to zero settings. Then try to methodically find the edges you want in your picture with the rise and fall.
Most of the stress of LF is with the head under the cloth trying to make decisions. IMO.