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Point is, Ektar 25 is loooong gone--however good it was reputed to be. Why not shoot the new stuff? Ektar 100 really is a gift from Kodak. Enjoy it while it's around.
Exactly my point. I can get a roll of Ektar 100 for $4.59 (current Freestyle price.) Considering I don't do my own C41 anymore it would still cost me to use the frozen 25, at least the C41 processing, plus if I want to do anything with the results either prints or scans (see my complaints in other threads about wanting to get back to doing RA4 and not doing so yet.) Plus the new stuff will be a very useful two stops faster. I don't see a lot of reason to try it, at least yet. If I do get back to printing RA4 and doing my own C41 again I might, as it would be a very cheap experiment. In the meantime, I'll leave it frozen.