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eBay is perhaps not a good place to go looking for a camera of any sort unless you can get a touchy-feely, up-close-and-very-personal inspection. Not meaning to tar 'em all with the same brush it can be handy: just beware of the bees, but take notice of the birds.

Lots of other goodies there can save a fortune over retail with all its taxes and imposts. B+W filters are one, but make sure you get a genuine one. I doubt very much the Real McCoy is $2.50...
That's a rather narrow view, Gary. I have bought lots of good gear on the 'bay over several years, most of it from foreign parts where touch-and-feel is impossible, much of it as rare as hen's teeth in Oz, all of it would have been beyond my financial reach in its heyday, and even beyond my financial reach at the second-hand prices still being charged within Oz, particularly by photographic retailers still in a 1980's time warp. Maybe I've just been lucky.