Welcome to Russia!

Russia not so is popular as the country of Asia for photographers. I think, it is connected with an information lack. The majority of people associate Russia with Moscow, the Golden Ring, St.-Petersburg... The few will remember Baikal Lake or Altai. But Russia is much more and is much more interesting.

Various nationalities live in this country. Some of them have kept the most ancient crafts and culture. A separate layer of history and culture - old believes settlements. Besides many monuments of an epoch of the USSR have remained up to now: GULAG, the Transpolar highway, separate cities with architecture of 50-60th years of 20 centuries... The Photographers, who specializing on abandoned places, will find a lot of interesting too - the abandoned factories, mines, military facilities and even the abandoned towns.

Also the main thing, than Russia - unforgettable and various landscapes is rich!

I am ready to answer your questions about travel across Russia. I can advise interesting places, tell about features and complexities etc.

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