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The advantage of measuring each bottle and dividing by 2 or whatever number of batches you are making is that you then compensate for any error in your own measuring device.
Thanks for your help John. With the above you mean to say that you let the ratio of the different parts (beit developer or blix) be dictated by how much the manufacturer puts into each part of the concentrates?

IOW, if the amount in one bottle of concentrate is off, you split it in half anyway (or three or four or by however much you want to split), even if that means using less or more of the concentrate than the manual says you should?

The thing that really bugs me in this home-C41-process is that while there is so much emphasis (from the manufacturer and from the other experts) on being accurate in terms of temperature, times and dilution, the manufacturer seems to throw all our delicate efforts overboard by not providing the correct amounts in the first place (or by not writing a proper manual).

Why does one have to turn to APUG and its APUGers for things as basic as this?