I've been to Matt's store-within-a-store a few times. It's become the first place I go for B&W 120 film, and the only place I've needed for the last few months. I recently lent a TLR to a high school student and sent him to Matt's store to get some film for his first time shooting film, and the student had a great time. The student actually knew the store and had seen Matt and his fridges-of-film before since he was checking out some vinyl from the 'mother ship' store, Rooky Ricardo's (who recently had the city install street bicycle parking in front, so ride on over).

Old record bins, turntables and headphones for listening, RODINAL in stock on the shelf, and film at good prices. Analog isn't just some 'retro-styling' thing there. Well, maybe this reads like an ad. I have no relation to the business or Matt other than being a satisfied customer and appreciating when people find niches and do it well.