Thanks for the comments everyone!

Jon: Yes, I do mail order. I've already done a bunch, it's just a little tricky for the buyer at this point due to the lack of a fully functioning website! Feel free to call/e-mail/etc. with you needs/wants and I will do my best to get you what you need.

Rich: If you like Birch Beer, I've got some great ones. As for 127 & 620, I've got that covered, too...

rorye: I see you are an 8x10 shooter. If there is stuff you want, let me know. I haven't stocked any yet but I will get whatever you want.

Dan: Thanks for the kind words. Actually, I think I saw you this morning--I was trying to find a good parking spot. Thanks for sending in the HS student. He really seemed to love that TLR you set him up with. I love that enthusiasm that comes with the first medium format camera. Nothing quite like it!