My efforts at hand pouring plates in the air didn't result in acceptable plates until I used a warm leveling stone. Revisiting that first hand pouring technique may result in better plates. There are questions I have about it. I bet the room was hot. My darkroom is in the cellar and cold. His plates may have already been warm, mine were not pre-warmed at first. The tea pot was dry in the photo so a warm cabinet may have been used, also, several pots could have been used. My method was to use a water bath to heat emulsion in a film canister. I wonder how emulsion was warmed 130 years ago. What temperature is best to have emulsion at? I'd settled on 100. Is Everclear and a surfactant the same thing? I'd tried a couple times to spray the glass once with Everclear then pour and that wasn't so good; perhaps on a larger sheet. Black Magic directions told to add the alcohol into the emulsion at some dilute proportion. There is a lot for me to work on to achieve acceptable flat even fully coated plates. I tried to keep as much emulsion on the plate as I could late in my first experiments and the photos show it being dumped back into the pot, making a thin layer.