I am currently looking around for a lens to put on a hasseblad 501c/m. The obviuos choise is a "planar 80/2.8 t f" since it's the cheapest on the used market.
Though there seem to be different versions of this particualir lens, but different sites on the www tell different stories about this.

Another option is the more expensive sonnar 150/2.8 t f wich I would prefer for the focal lengt but than again it's twice the price.

Any advice on a good alround lens and particulair on these two would be very welcome, I am mainly using it for outdoor portraits in B/W.


BTW are these lenses multicoated and how can I check the state of the coating, I damaged the coating on one of my nikor lenses with exsesive use of cleaning alcohol, and honestly I only see that on certain pictures.