I'm new to the forum and was hoping for some advice.

I recently bought a plate camera off ebay, there's no name on the on the camera, but that's for another thread. The reason I bought the camera is that while it's quite nice it came with a film pack containing some Ansco Supreme (12 shots), and I couldn't resist having a go at shooting it, even tho' it's probably dead.

I've been doing some research on the net and all I can find out is that it may be black and white and originally around ASA 100 or lower. I've also read that some Ancso film, that what I assume is the same period, was nitrate based.

so my questions are -

has anyone ever heard of this film or used it?
should I be worried about it being nitrate based, if it is?
can someone confirm the asa and if it's b&w?
how does the film pack actually work?

I've uploaded some shots of the pack, so you can get a look at it.
any info would be greatly appreciated

frankly, I can't wait to shoot it but know i should get some info first.

thanks a lot