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Though there seem to be different versions of this particualir lens, but different sites on the www tell different stories about this.
There's CF and C. C lenses are Bay 50 and multicoated. CF lenses are also coated but Bay 60. Are you shooting mostly B&W? Consider the older lenses. They say (who's "they" anyway), that parts for the C are harder to get so consider that.

Another option is the more expensive sonnar 150/2.8 t f wich I would prefer for the focal lengt but than again it's twice the price.
You cannot use the F lens on a 501 body. Those are just for the focal plane Hasselblads.

Any adice on a good alround lens and particulair on these two would be very welcome, I am mainly using it for outdoor portraits in B/W.
Depends on your style. I would get a cheapo 80mm and see if you like the perspective. You can always resell it and get the 150mm CF or C. What's your favorite focal length with 35mm and try to replicate that.

coating, I damaged the coating on one of my nikor lenses with exsesive use of cleaning alcohol, and honestly I only see that on certain pictures.
I don't know when the last time I cleaned any of my lenses. I just blow air in front.