Well, got Jake's print in the post today. One can never overrate internal packing. Because, from the puncture into the center of the front of the envelope, I would say the extra corrugated paper can in very handy. A slight fold on one corner, but the print arrived more than less intact. It is in fine shape. And a fine print indeed.

I very light print. Makes you need to see the print because viewing does not come easily. A visual challenge, I like that. An airy scene of a side moment at some sort of an event, presumably a wedding. Under a canopy with tables and chairs strewn hither and yon and champange bottles all about. I looks like it was a good day and the print is well done. A well seen photograph. Thanks alot, Jake.

I have a weeks' vacation coming up 18-22. Looks like housecleaning and maybe I can squeeze in some printing and get this show on the road.

Thanks for you patience, Jake and Rudy. Won't be long now.

(Edit: Read Jake's post above, I was right. Wedding. And judging by the bottle population, a good one.)