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You cannot use the F lens on a 501 body. Those are just for the focal plane Hasselblads.
Eric are you sure about that F, almost all these lenses have an F in the type name (no not the f/apendeture But "c f" "cfi" "cfe" are most common, I've seen some with the "c f" it would be wierd in case these can't be used on the 502 body since there are hardly any lenses left... you left me puzzled but I might be very thankfull for that in the end

Depends on your style. I would get a cheapo 80mm and see if you like the perspective. You can always resell it and get the 150mm CF or C. What's your favorite focal length with 35mm and try to replicate that.
Although I like my 105mm in 35mm a lot I prefer my 85mm so it would be somehwere in between teh 80mm and teh 150mm for MF.