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Eric are you sure about that F, almost all these lenses have an F in the type name (no not the f/apendeture But "c f" "cfi" "cfe" are most common, I've seen some with the "c f" it would be wierd in case these can't be used on the 502 body since there are hardly any lenses left... you left me puzzled but I might be very thankfull for that in the end
The 150mm 2.8 F that you mentioned (you did mention 2.8 right?) is for Focal Plane Hassys. The 150mm 4.0 CF or CFi is for 50x's and focal planes. Prices are pretty low these days. I've seen 150CF's for about $700.

If the f/stop is large (like a 35mm), it is most likely for the focal plane. The
180=? I don't have one

Although I like my 105mm in 35mm a lot I prefer my 85mm so it would be somehwere in between teh 80mm and teh 150mm for MF.
There's a bit of a difference depending if you measure diagonally. You can read up on TONS 'o infomation at med8fmt site. I like my 85mm also and the 150 is more like that. The "in-between" is the 120mm makro. But then the price starts going up with that lens. You won't go wrong with a 150mm or an 80mm, its just a matter of what you think you will use the most.