Fabrizio, since it sounds like you'll be needing another tank, I would suggest keeping an eye out for a 2500 series. I originally had tried the 1500 series back when I got my Jobo CPE-2 Plus, and quickly found that it was too difficult to work with. The 2500 tanks are a bit bigger, and the reels are a _lot_ easier to get film wound onto. I've processed around 100 rolls of film since starting with the Jobo proc, E6, C41, and B&W, and have had zero issues with leakage (light or chemical).

I also will second the PE advice about a pre-soak. I do that for all of my development now (2x30 second washes), and get consistent results every time. The best part is that you don't need to adjust any dev times (particularly an issue with B&W) with the pre-soaks.