Yes, the SF Yacht Club represented by Oracle won the last America's Cup in their gorgeous catamaran. It was simply a beautiful site to see the way that vessel sailed. Like a mammoth bird, as graceful as can be. I was stunned watching that boat perform. I am more favorable of monohulls in the Cup competitions but it was spectacular to watch Oracle sail to a whopping victory over the Swiss syndicate. Be prepared, get your cameras and gear ready as the Cup is coming to San Francisco Bay. Stay informed by visiting

A Galvin is a 6x9 pocket view camera that was designed and manufactured by Jim Galvin in Sacramento. It has a Graflok compatible back that will accept a plethora of various film formats and associated backs. The camera came in two versions, a normal bellows with single part rail or a long bellows version with a split two part rail. I still have mine that I purchased from Eye Food whom was located on haight Street back in the late '70's. If you do some online searching you will turn up plenty of info regarding the Galvin camera. I have the original sales brochure as well which one of these days I will try and get posted on a site somewhere for the general public to have access to. Maybe I will put together a site dedicated to teh camera with lot's of detailed pictures.