After reading feedback on the above camera I took the risk, andbought myself one from ebay.

Exposure seems fine on all speeds and stop numbers so okay here.

Unfortunatley I seem to have light leaking in from belows. Not on all of the shots but on some. I have been advised that it must be a slight light leak because it has been intimated that the shots that have the light leak most probably have been taken after the bellows have been extended, left for a preiod of time then the picture taken. I cannot verify this at the moment.

However, is it possible that light leakage from a bellow would not show up if I look through the back of the camera in complete darkness and then shine a torch all around the front part of the bellows.

Could it be something else?

It does appear that on the 2 rolls of film I have tested on the 1st frame is the worst.

Any ideas help would surely be appriciated.