So I am happy with my results, the negatives scan fine that is. I would LOVE to buy RA4 paper & chemicals and start printing away. Problem is that I like doing b&w even more, and two 'workflows' is a bit too much for me, not in the least financially. Also, looking at what's available for RA4 (paper especially), I'm starting to have doubts about the process's future.

When I started RA4 around 1998 there was so much paper around. I used Agfa, Kodak and Tetenal. I could be wrong, but it seems like they're all gone now.

By saying this I don't mean to hurt RA4 even more or reiterate what doubtlessly many have said before. It's just my very own personal observation and reasoning. I hugely regret the difference in RA4-availability compared to no less than ten years ago.

I see no point in investing in a 'hybrid workflow'. Then I may just as well use my digital camera. No offence to anyone- I do see how a hybrid workflow can be lots of fun to some.

So that's exit colour film for me. Pity. Fortunately there's still slides!