John's tip about removing the paper backing is solid.
If you have a large changing bag, make a small wire frame from coat hanger wire to insert in the changing bag to give it a "ceiling".

As a former wire service shooter in the days of film, I roll many a roll in a changing bag, while I sure prefer the darkroom, a changing bag works.

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As someone who develops film at home using a changing bag (and who rents darkroom time for printing), I was wondering if it is possible to use stainless steel reels in the confines of a changing bag. I too have had troubles with loading 120 onto Patterson reels, and had much better luck with the Samigon reels as they have a built in "loading platform" that helps align the film...but occasionally they still seem to stick and crease the film.

Has anyone tried to load stainless steel reels in a changing bag?