Ron. I've just sent You a PM.

Ian C, Moki. All knobs will be in final model more than two times larger in diameter. This one at photographs are temporary. Similar situation is with ground glass. I think the grid is a must.
Next one camera will be cherry or mahogany wood with polished brass metal elements. Prototype is mixed aluminium and brass. We (I use 'we' because I am not one and only member of the crew) want to offer possibility to choose between classic black or red color of bellows. Thank You for all of suggestions.

Largely, Moki, David. If we find small, button-like and not neon green bubble level there is possibility we put it on front and rear standard.

Moki, Steve. I think red and white version is very interesting. I have signals from our friends here in Poland that they also like this combination. So Idea of color version along with classic wood and brass Is good point. Thanks!

Ulrich. Good point.

David. In prototype bellows are mounted in permanent way with glue, but we want to give possibility to mount it with screws in final camera. Our main aim is to hit entry level first, but also We all the time thinking about adding custom options for additional fee in future.