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Will printing on 'digital paper' give an as-good result? Is it hard/harder to get the colours right? Those are concerns I have.
The old Kodak paper I have is meant for optical enlargers too, seems OK though I am still tweaking things.

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I much prefer condensor enlargers for b&w, so that means two enlargers. I use different trays for colour and b&w; the colour chemistry especially is hard to remove from plastic trays, IME. I use different lighting to judge the colour prints. Also a different safelight. Different paper & chemistry, obviously (anybody use their colour stop bath for b&w?). Washing and drying are different (I use FB for b&w): no toning and no 'hypo-clear' bath for RA4, no taping it to a glass to dry flat.

Both processes happen in the same darkroom; that's about how far the overlap goes, for me at least.
Well, in truth I have one of each enlarger as well. So far it seems I can get the trays clean enough though I use dev trays just for dev, fix/blix just for that, stop just for stop just in case.

And like you I do prefer fiber so you're right that the wash and dry are different. I don't tape, I use a press.

But it isn't really that different overall. Scan, photoshop and inkjet is completely different.