I guess this has been up before, but I couldn't find anything when searching, so here it goes:

I've just developed my second roll of negative color film ever, and the results aren't quite as they should. I use the simple Tetenal C-41 one liter kit, and a Paterson tank that is kept at (hopefully) adequate temperature with a hot water bath (running tap water).
The development itself seems fine with reasonable contrast and colors, but the film base is quite dark. And it's not orange, but rather a dull, brown-reddish cast compared to the 135 negs I've had developed at labs.

Now, I have no idea of how these films should look like. They are Fuji Reala 100 and Kodak Portra 400VC, both in 120 format. The scans look alright, so it can't be too bad, but I suppose it should come out even better if the film base was clearer.

My first assumption was that the blix time was too short (which is the only possible reason according to the Tetenal manual), but re-blixing didn't make any difference at all. Then I thought that maybe the rinsing wasn't good enough since the cast actually has the same color as the blix itself! But rinsing for 10-15 minutes didn't do anything either.

Any ideas? Both films are expired; 2003 and 2009 (I think) respectively, but kept in the freezer since then. This could be a cause of course, but it's a bit strange that both look identical in terms of color cast. Maybe it's just normal? I'm scratching my head here and even google can't help me.

Here are a couple of the scans, which obviously came out fine anyway...