How about a good auto polishing compound(not wax) can be had at the parts house. Strip all small parts and buff 'er up. Flitz, Brasso, silver polish, maybe "Dip-it" or even "CLR". As to paint, prep is 90% of the job,sand smooth, nice even prime coat, light sand w/600 grit, clean and spray with Krylon or other quality paint. Spray 8-10 light coats(light mist/coat) wait 15-20 mins between coats to avoid sags or runs. Dont be in a hurry, build the paint slowly, then let it cure for several days/couple of weeks to harden properly. Then put a coat od good paste wax on it. If you really want a paint job, put as many clear coats on as paint, then finish out. That ought to make a head turner, and durable as possible.