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But then you get a left-right reversal, right?

[Question: If 4"x5" is 5"x4" in the UK, does the left-right reversal become right-left reversal? I am so confused!! ]

Um, methinks I'm missing the problem here - the emulsion faces the lens when we shoot the picture and the negative emulsion faces the print paper emulsion when we print a negative? I think of a paper negative as converting a condenser enlarger to diffusion by laminating a (translucent) sheet of paper to the base side of a regular negative.

As to the other question, how about a 90 rotation, direction depending on which side of the equator, which crops the ends and prints them on the back .... .

(And in the next few days I need to dredge some fiber based graded stuff out of the depths and try it all. )