I have come across this site so many times when searching for info on papers, film, etc. I thought it was time I joined.

I understand that this is an 'analog site'. That being said, I will very briefly explain my process and let y'all tell me if I should proceed with questions about specifics.

I will say at the outset that I have tremendous respect for all that are shooting traditional processes...

I shoot 35mm b/w film, process the negs myself. I am no longer able to use a traditional enlarger setup, due to my living conditions, space, etc. However, I am not satisfied with any type of digital output, so this is what I have been doing...

I have been scanning my negs and doing VERY MINIMAL adjustments in the computer - I have a strict rule for never doing anything other than cropping, contrast adjustments and exposure - things I normally did under the enlarger.

I have been printing the files onto 8x10 transparency material with the hopes of doing some contact printing, as I appreciate the archival qualities of this process.

If i am being heretical or out of line let me know, and I will go away quietly... However, if this much 'modern' influence is allowed, I look forward to hearing about proper papers and procedures for this whole process.

THanks so much!