I think there needs to be a new descriptive term for those of us that are photographically ambidextrous - should it be "transpro's" (as in transprocess)? The term "hybrid" seems a bit too close to some of those sci-fi creations for my liking.
Anyway, I walk on both sides of the street. I have a digital camera, which I don't like using, for those times when an instant result or something to email is needed. It does a good job but feels "soul-less" to me. The cameras sitting on my desk, loaded with film as I write are a Leica M6 and two Rolleiflex - an E2 and a WA. I also have a small darkroom I can set up but it involves fighting my wife to take possession of the (also small) laundry so I don't get to use it as much as I would like. She's away at the moment so I've had a couple of weeks to play. The problem is that I don't get that opportunity often enough and my technique and experience result in prints which are not quite as good as I can produce in my "lightroom" setup. I have a very good scanner and printer in my study that don't require setup or teardown time, which my darkroom equipment does. And the output is now good enough that a non-enthusiast recipient of my prints wouldn't know the difference. I don't post to on-line galleries, sell prints or enter competitions. The prints are for my own pleasure or as gifts to friends.
So I'll continue to use both methods, trying to improve my wet process output, but circumstances dictate that the final images are more likely to be off the Epson.