I received the latest batch of postcards today and one of them appears to have significant fogging in the white borders prompting me to make this post.

On my travels doing workshops and working in many different darkrooms I regularly see prints with veiled highlights and almost always the problem is caused by safelight fogging. Either the light is too close to the enlarger and wet bench or the safelight filter is wrong or past it's sell by date. I test my safelights at least once every year and it's surprising how they can change. Another problem is that all papers do not respond in the same way to all filters making it necessary to have different safelights for different papers if fogging is to be avoided. Because I regularly test papers I gave three different types of safelight in my darkroom.

It's so easy when working in the same darkroom year in and year out to accept that all is well. You just become used to the tonality of the prints produced and see so few prints from other darkrooms to make a comparision.