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Since i plan to only shoot black and white and knowing that it has a more forgiving exposure lattitude, all i need to do is use the S90 carefully exposing for the shadow areas and i should be good to go. Seems like i probably dont need at the moment to buy a light meter. Am i correct?

Your little digisnapper will work fine for most situations.

Yes, negative film is more forgiving, just remember that most of that forgiveness is for extra exposure, not for a lack of exposure.

The real advantage of dedicated light meters and exposing using zone system principles is that, once you understand what they are telling you and have a bit of experience with them, it becomes very tough to fool YOU.

The digisnapper's meter will make certain "decisions" for you. It has been programmed by committee to give most people exposures they like.

There will come a time when you want something different than the norm.