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Dear APUGS, .... So far none of my teachers have been much help.

Not surprised.
The shots, which are very typical of a point and shoot camera like the top two are also two or more stops overexposed, are on a cheap C41 stock like Kodak Gold or maybe a store branded film (Ritz/CVS etc.)
The streakers show a shutter lagging PS camera (middle overexposed, edges fine). Think CHEAPO.
You should get your flea-market shoes on and look for anything under a buck. Buy several. Get some 12 shot rolls and try out some shots on bright days, some right into the sun, and some while running, etc.

A durable tool for this is the Pentax WR-90, which can be had for cheap. It may be too good a lens though. Reloading a disposable works too.
Good luck.