Well I'm finally to a point where I can start building my new darkroom. This will be my largest. This will be my 6th one in 20 years. I have a pretty good idea of what I'm looking to do. The biggest thing I'm doing different this time is having a main light switch on each wall. This should be interesting to hook up, haven't run 4-3way switches together before. Also having outlets located in the ceiling above the 2 enlargers. As shown in the drawing the wet and dry sides are separate with plenty of space.

So I have a few questions. Someone in a different post mentioned using peg board for the wall covering. Although this seems like a good idea it could it create a vacuum and bring in dust when opening the door? Has anyone tried this and how did it work for you?

Have to install a new electrical box. There is not enough open breakers in the existing one. Fortunately we replaced the electric dryer with a gas one. This opens a 30amp breaker for the new box. Will be using 2 15A GFI breakers for the counter, water table outlets and fan. Standard 15amp breaker for the enlargers.

In the past have always used copper for water. Thinking of using plastic feed lines. Any suggestions or comments?

Any other ideas or thoughts would be appreciated.