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I know it has been asked before, but I may need more specific advice.
I read that most rangefinder do not meter in manual mode. Are there some that do meter in manual mode? (I am talking about inexpensive cameras such as Olympus35rc, Canonet, Yashica etc).
I mean a camera that would show you the meter reading while YOU decide for fstop and shutter speed combination.
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[SIZE=3][COLOR=RoyalBlue][FONT=Times New Roman]Another fun little camera to consider is one of the Yashica Lynx'es. There are 3 models to chose from. The Lynx 1000, the Lynx 5000 and the Lynx 14. The 1000 and 5000 models have f1.8 Yashinon lenses while the 14 has a huge f1.4 lens up front. All are leaf shutter lenses, so you can use them for synchro-sun photography at all speeds. I have a Lynx 5000 that gives very good results for a camera that I paid $15.00 for[/FONT].[/[/COLOR][/SIZE]