I've got a 180mm Symmar convertible in a synchro-compur shutter. When I bought it, it was very sticky and so I sent it to Paul Ebel. He CLA'd it and it was great for some time, but after several months it has gone sticky again.

When he CLA'd it, he said someone had used graphite to lube it and consequently gummed up the works. The fact that it has gone sticky again so quickly makes me think that all the graphite might not be gone.

Furthermore, I have a spare Copal-1 shutter. This too needs a CLA, but I have no reason to believe that it has gotten a 'graphite treatment' in its past.

So, my questions are (a), would my Symmar fit in the Copal-1? Schneider lists the shutter size as 'I+1'.

(B), which shutter has a better reputation of reliability, or does the graphite history make it a clear choice??

(C), both shutters have f/stop plates that can easily be removed with tiny screws & look to be the same size; do these scales generally transfer to other shutters w/o any fuss?

Thanks in advance,