For sale is my old RZ67 - I've put some money into my RZ kit and upgraded to the 210APO and RZ PRO II so these are for sale.

Body is fully functional, KEH BGN cosmetic condition. Everything works great, no functional issues at all.

Focusing screen is the A4 grid focusing screen. Some of the grid lines are a little worn, so I'll place this at KEH UG. However, there are no stains, blotches, scratches, or anything that affects the usability of the screen.

Back is a regular 120 6x7 film back. Fully functional but missing the dark slide. Foam could be replaced but it doesn't leak light as it is. Probably KEH BGN.

Finder: PD prism finder. Fully functional. There is a bit of a smudge in one extreme corner of the viewfinder, so I'll call it KEH UG. This is more visible when you look through the bare prism than when it's attached to the camera.

Lens: 180mm f/4.5. There's a bit of element separation - see photo, which I understand isn't the best but it shows the separation relatively well. In addition, the lens is missing the cable release socket. Despite these issues it is functional - the shutter works and fires at all speeds, and the lens is plenty sharp and contrasty. If the separation is affecting the photos I can't see it.

Anyways, if you're looking for a beater RZ as a backup, or if you're interested in the system but want to try it with a minimal financial investment, this is a great system. Buying this (in the same condition) a year and a half ago led to me building a really complete RZ II setup, and now it's time to pass it on to someone else.

$150 obo. If you're interested in any individual part, let me know and we can probably work something out.