So of course I ask... why?

It's a nice project. But I see nothing that wasn't included in a Deardorff designed and built 80 years ago (and copied many times over by most other camera manufacturers). What's the market potential for a new camera that brings nothing new to the table? Price? Cheap assed cameras abound, especially used. Are there people clambering all over the world for a new cheap view camera when so many used ones sit on someones shelf, unused and almost unsellable. Has there been a run on Speed and Crown Graphics that I know nothing about?

So, two scenarios:
1.) I don't have a camera. Do I dream of my Polskia 45 View in my sleep? Ummm.. no. It's not a Deardorff, it's not an Ebony, it's... a box.
2.) I have a couple of cameras. Do I want to upgrade my system with the new Polskia 45 View? I hope not. What the heck was I shooting with to start with? Is it so cheap I think I'll buy one to take to the rain forests and not worry about having a croc eat it? Pretty small market I think.

So don't let me get you down. Maybe I am off base. I just don't see the world needing another 5 cent cigar.

tim in san jose