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k_jupiter. You have a lot of right, but You have to notice one thing also. Our main target market is local market here in Poland. We have not a lot of old, second hand field cameras in good condition available. Even Crown or Speed graphics in not so good condition could cost a lot because it is quite rare animal. Next thing is this simple fact that average Pole is not as wealthy as US citizen. Ebony or Deardorff is great, but it costs a lot. Even cheapest Chinese Shen-Hao or Chamonix is in many situation is big expense especially for hobbyists.
Of course I could be wrong and we will not sell anything. That's ok. We started this project to learn something new. It is not our main source of income. In the matter of fact it so far an experiment and if we earn some money it will be great if we don't that's ok too. Maybe we create good quality entry level camera for good money and it will be success. Who knows.

You want success?
Make it a kit.

tim in san jose