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Hello members, I am seeking to get 6 120 films scanned, shot in this format. I have been quoted high prices for a drum scan. Genie imaging cannot do it, as they need to split the 6x17 into 2. Is there a good soul out there who will take my negatives onto a flatbed scanner, cheaper than a drum scan? What scanner does Matt abinante use and is the epson V700 good enough?


You could try Ian Scovell (http://www.ianscovell.com/isleofwight/filmscanning.html) who uses a very well set up Imacon or myself who uses a Howtek drum scanner (http://www.cheapdrumscanning.com) - prices are approx 9 for Imacon scan with Ian and 16 for drum scan with me. There are museum quality drum scans available from people like Precision Drum Scanning but their prices are substantially higher (they put a huge amount of effort into each scan).