I have been shooting polaroids with my 500cm for a short while now, but it has really led me into some very awesome projects. All of the projects are portraits and are mostly handheld. Now I want to move past the little tiny square inside of the negative and want to start using the whole negative. I will mostly be using a normal lens and would like it to be somewhat fast. ie 3.5 or close.

I have been looking into a few different cameras and have come across a few that I am interested in. I have been looking into a 4x5 speed/crown graphic, or a mamiya universal and polaroid 600se. They both have there plus sides, and negatives.

The speed/crown graphic would be very nice to use because of the variety of lens and will be easily be able to cover the negative. I could also use it for 4x5 if I feel the need. It also has a huge following and parts and accessories will be easy to come by.

The mamiya universal has a nice variety of lens and the ones that I would be using does cover it. I would be using the 127 but the problem there is it is a f4.7. I could always use the 100 f3.5 but I like a normal lens. It has lots of great accessories like the roll film backs and such.

The polaroid 600se is very close of being a great camera for me but I would like to have a faster lens then it can come with. 4.7 is just not fast enough for me.

What do you think would be the best camera for the job? any thoughts ideas? and If there are any other cameras that I should be looking at, just let me know.