yes, definitely yes, even if only by happenstance. I say that as someone that owns 2 holgas and loves them.

they have however, as everyone has said, become a trend. when I bought my first one only 2 years ago, the price reflected it's worth (pretty worthless) and I've since watched the price clime at a rate that is almost unbelievable.

I bought an almost mint condition Yashica LM44 for less than the price I'd have to pay for a holga now.

the reason I bought my first Holga was so I could chop it up and experiment with it... the reason I bought the second was so I could do the same. now that isn't really an option.

Alas, it's become a fad and prices have gone up, but there is hope that when all the hipsters move on to whatever they move on to next (probably the holgarise app on the iphone) - there will be a whole lot of these cams on ebay