I only have the 200 series bodies (203FE/205FCC) and plan on portraits of my family, wanting to fill the negative completely of the head. I am using strobes in the basement and currently have a 110 FE Planar and 150 FE which I use for "static" portraits synching at around 1/30 or 1/60 but again, would like very close up shots.

I also use a 80 CFE and a 40 CFE IF for motion shots using the leaf shutter synching at 1/500.

For my current system, what would be the advantages of spending extra to get a 180 CFE as opposed to the CFi if my initial purpose was for portraits? I would lose the electronic communication between the lens and the camera and thus, the ability to default to the automatic mode for non-flash picture taking. Is that all that I would trade away? Is there any difference in the optical qualities of the CFE compared to the CFi?