If you live in Italy you can buy a Rollei Digibase C-41 "maxi" kit, 2,5 litres, for less than €40 including shipping. That is supposed to make 55 ISO 100 "rolls" (I suppose they mean 135/36) if ISO 100, or 50 rolls if ISO 400.


(this shop also sells on eBay, it's where I bought my E-6 kit).

If you are in Germany, you can buy it at Macodirect (and at other venues I suppose).

The Rollei Digibase C-41 has bleach and fix (no blix).

There is a recent thread here:


If you really get 50/55 rolls out of that kit, that means a cost of less than €1/roll, which is IMO quite acceptable.

Strange this kit is difficult to find in the US. Maybe the importer is prepared to order some quantity if so requested.