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Iso of the paper is around 3~6ish. If you were making exposures at the times you were making pinhole images you're right it's gross exposure.
From somewhere around f200 to f8 is a mighty big dfference
Haha - I'm not THAT much of a beginner I used Arista Fiber paper for my negatives and I rate that in my pinhole cameras at around ISO 20. When I went out to take the 4x5 shots, I used a digital light meter and had the aperture set to f/8 (what the camera was on) and then set the meter to meter at ISO 20. So really, it could have been an error using the light meter, an error in putting the film into the camera, or I don't have my paper rated correctly (but I've done many shots rating it at ISO 20 and they've come out pretty good).