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When framing prints for sale, what kind of frames do you use? A friend and I were discussing this today over lunch. Black "museum" frames are kind of in vogue right now, but do you think people would respond differently to wood colored frames? Just currious.
Yes, the aesthetic effect *would* be different.

Framing and matting is nearly an art unto itself.

I will confess to being partial to dark grey - I think Nielsen has a frame color called "gunmetal" (although most firearms are finished with dark blue) that I like very much ... my close second choice is black. My matting of choice has evolved to a black "main mat" with a white undermat. Generally. Exceptions to this are not rare.

All one can do is to look at the framed and matted work and decide for oneself - in that mysterious area called "aesthetics" - whether it "works" or not.

All I have been able to do is to visit the galleries, and after the usual "trying to leave the intellect (Hah!! - As if I had any!!) and opening myself emotionally to the work" ... I study, quite closely, any interesting example of framing/matting, with the idea of future application to my work.

I guess this is a non-answer ... but, no, I don't know of any "formula" or "rules".