Thank you all for your assistance

David: I only had 2 choices. Thank you - I can now see 2 holes. I have looked at the website for the repair kit, and may choose to use.

Will: Yeah I know of this guy, and his reputation seems to be excellent. I am based in the UK so would most pobably have to conceed that it would not be a viable repair for the camera I bought. (The camera cost me $140).

Lee: Thanks for your info. All the fogging is always on the picture area. It does seem that there are 2 areas, hence 2 found holes. Yes I agree with your sentiment. Now I know the holes are there, I am sure it would be possible to eliminate fogging by keeping the bellows open for a minimum period of time. It's obviously not the way forward, but it certainly explains why some shots show fogging and some don't.

Pschauss: Elmer's glue!!! If this is wood glue i trust it is white and dries translucent. Hence the addition of lamp black. I have also read a few drops of washing up liquid. Is it right that this needs to be applied to the inside of the bellows. I would prefer to work on the outside of the bellows.

I have been told to use the black tubed stuff that comes in puncture repair kit. Now its been a long long time since I've repaired a bicylcle tyre. I remember that the patch was stuck onto the tyre using a tubed glue. But I thought it was clear in colour. Can anyone confirm if this glue should/could be used. I am assuming that if it is clear I could add lamp black to turn it black.

Thanks in advance