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Daylight viewing station? I wonder if I could replace my flourecent tubes with something that would give me daylight balance? Must be, I'll check the store.

View the prints under the same kind of conditions where you are going to view the final prints. It is the only way.

"Daylight" fluorescent tubes ONLY if you are going to view the prints under "daylight" fluorescents, or daylight.

Normal room lighting is usually the best bet, IMO, or a combination of different lights (warm fluorescent, daylight fluorescent, incandescent) to give you an overall "touch" what the print looks like in different lights.

If your darkroom is painted in dark colors and use a spotlight to evaluate the prints, you probably tend to make the prints too dark as you see the prints very clearly against the dark background. But when you view then in a light environment, they look too dark.