I will be spending 3 wks in Spain in June 2011. I will be taking my Rollieflex and a contaflex. I plan on bringing my own film(carry-on) but am nervous about the return with exposed film and the notorious high powered x-ray machines used in europe.
Am I right to be nervous about my exposed film: rollei retro 100 in 35mm and rollei superpan 200 in 120? If I am right what are the possibilities of getting processing in Madrid or Barcelona? Or would it be better to ship it back via DHL/Fedex?
In case anyone is wondering I am taking the contaflex because its zeiss tessar along with the rollei retro is a beautiful combination(I like it better than my F3HP) and if it gets abused or stolen I'm not out that much. The Rolleiflex will be welded to my body for saftey.