I have rather stupidly volunteered to my boss to do a group portrait of the people I work with. This will be the first time I have ever planned a photograph, setting up the conditions rather than taking advantage of conditions. I'm pretty new to both medium format and B&W.

The setup:
I will be using a Mamiya C33 and would like to do it B&W. It will be outdoors, on a stone stairway that faces WNW (camera pointing ESE). There will be about a dozen people. Being in Colorado, it will most likely be clear & sunny to thinly filtering high clouds - f22 to f11. There will be no flash, but I will consider reflectors. I want grainless detail and depth of field without excessive contrast.

The questions:
1) Which lens should I use? I have the 80, 105, 135 and 180. I'm guessing 135.
2) Which B&W film? Kodak and Ilford are easily available.
3) When should I do it? As late as possible in the work day to get the sun around to the quarter front?
4) How big would reflectors have to be to fill in shadows on a group?
5) Would cloud-filtered light be better than bright direct sunlight? How to avoid getting a bunch of squinters?

Thanks in advance.


Oh- I can't express enough how glad I am for APUG, where duffers like me can ask these questions and get serious answers from people who know what they're talking about, without hearing all that crap about white balance, raw, jpg, blah blah blah.