This is my first post on apug 
Although i have read all the related forums but they are over 3 years old. Just been lucky to grab a CPP-2 n expert drum 3010. I have read all the related documents on web including jobo site and others on this forum talking about motor upgrade etc.
I am in search of someone who has got the same spec as me and have used it sucessfully . I mean cpp-2 first version serial10xxx without any upgrade, working with drum 3010 with 1000 ml chemical mix.

Although i wasnt able to run it as my lift was already cracked and i didnt wanted to break it further. But it runs drum 2563 very well from the lower slot. I am also in need of new lift incase some one can offer in uk or anywhere.
Thanks for reading my essay
Any personel experience with the above problem? Please write to help