My comment is pointed toward Hollywood than any person, you included.

All of Hollywood is one, big B.S. fantasy land. Nothing is real, not even the fake stuff.
James Cameron or anybody else talking about how great 3-D movies or 48fps. movies or anything else is nothing more than hype, hyperbole and bull$#it.
You can count the number of good movies that come out in a given year on one hand and you can count the number of really GREAT movies that come out in a decade on one hand. The rest is claptrap and bull crap.

There was a saying, several years ago: "I could eat a can of Kodak and PUKE a better movie!"

95% of everything that Hollywood pumps out is hype and hyperbole designed to sell the same warmed-over porridge again and again in a slightly reorganized and repackaged format. 3-D movies, 48fps. movies or even 1,048fps movies aren't going to make the stories better. All Cameron does is wow people with smoke and mirrors. He doesn't make great movies. It's just that he's plugged into the Hollywood P.R. machine and he gets all the hype. Nothing more.

Saying James Cameron is a great director/producer is like saying Jessica Simpson is a great actress.

At least Pia Zadora had the guts to admit that she f***ed her way to the top!