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My comment is pointed toward Hollywood than any person, you included.

All of Hollywood is one, big B.S. fantasy land. Nothing is real, not even the fake stuff.
You can count the number of good movies that come out in a given year on one hand and you can count the number of really GREAT movies that come out in a decade on one hand. The rest is claptrap and bull crap.


95% of everything that Hollywood pumps out is hype and hyperbole designed to sell the same warmed-over porridge again and again in a slightly reorganized and repackaged format.
That's how it's been virtually from the beginning. The studios churned out movies like clockwork, most hastily made and forgettable. In among all that was some quality work. It's always been a business. There's a place for deep, meaningful, thought-provoking, a place for escapist, a place for silly, a place for bang-bang shoot 'em up, a place for spectacle.

True, just as with television, we get fed pabulum, and I often wish expectations were higher, but there are still the things that are worthwhile, and the rest can be ignored.

Hyping technology is an attempt to get butts in seats. When I was a kid, we drove in to Hollywood to see How the West Was Won at the then brand-new Cinerama Dome theater. It was spectacular, but like most things, when the novelty wore off, it wasn't worth the cost to make most movies in Cinerama, the cost and technological hassles were too much to make the theaters common, and we certainly weren't going to drive the 75 miles to go a special theater to watch them anyway!