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For those who have not seen the full version of Avatar, with about 1/2 hour of added scenes, you will find that when you do view it, the full story changes radically. For example, Grace (Sigourney Weaver), knows that Jake is working as a spy. And, the wimpy company manager tries to prevent the final massacre, but is locked in his office by the military commander. It also leaves out the part about the massacre of children in the school. So, editing can make, break or change a story.

As for Avatar and Titanic, if they were such bores, howcome they were such blockbusters? Hmmmm? Sometimes I want to be wowed, sometimes I want to be surprised, and sometimes I want to suspend belief. The falling glowing creatures on Avatar were an amazing bit of imagination, and they were part of the story at the same time. For the first time, we saw a real ecology on an alien planet in depth, albeit from someone's imagination. I saw it in IMax 3D and the entire audience seemed to be transfixed.

Maybe they were so bored, they were asleep, but the conversation as we filed out did not make it seem so.

As for the high speed projection, the "Back to the Future" ride and others use over 60 fps according to Trumbull and it does not need 3D to give a sharpness and depth of its own to these images.

Still boring as hell, and still feels like a Fern Gully rip off. Avatar was one of the most boring movies I've seen.

TRON was a lot better, not a great movie, but not boring, even saw it at IMAX, Avatar at a regular cinema looked about 1000x better than TRON at IMAX, the 3D was really poor in TRON, Avatar looked god damn amazing, which is why it was so successful, if it wasn't in 3D I would have left half way through. Plus people grab onto and obsess over alternate reality type stuff where they can believe they're really blue on the inside.

"I saw it in IMax 3D and the entire audience seemed to be transfixed."

But how did you feel about it?